• Open the back door for walk-in loading be sure to close and latch before filling container completely.
  • Stacking items neatly will use less space and provide more room.
  • Only load the container to the top of the sidewalls.                                     
  • Keep area around dumpster clear on day of pickup.

  • Materials such as tires, railroad ties, paint, cleaners, oil, batteries, gasoline, flammables, toxics, asbestos or any other hazardous materials cannot be put into dumpsters under any circumstances.
  • Containers should be loaded level, meaning the container should not be heaped or overflowing. If container is overflowing, DeScenzos will have to remove excess materials on-site, or reschedule for pick up. Additional charges may apply.
  • Customer is responsible for calling in to schedule pick up of container. Containers kept longer than 7 days will be subject to a rental charge of $10.00 per day.
  • Customer must make sure that container is not blocked upon pick up. If the container is filled with an unacceptable material at the time of pick-up, DeScenzos has the right to dump on-site, or reschedule pick up. Additional charges may apply.
  • Any containers loaded with dirt, rock, brick, concrete, or any other heavy material should not exceed 15 yards. Additional charges may apply.
  • Do not move dumpster once placed on site, if a re-spot is needed call our office for assistance. 



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Hours of Operation

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